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Myth: Older adults do not abuse drugs.


Fact: Older adults may abuse illicit drugs less often than younger people, but misuse of alcohol and prescription medications is a serious problem among older people.

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Myth: Substance abuse is not a big problem among older adults because the    consumption of alcohol and other drugs appears to decrease as people get older.


Fact: Due to physiological changes associated with aging, decreased consumption may occur due to lower tolerance. However, older people may be experiencing equal or greater intoxication with lesser amounts of drugs or alcohol.

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Myth: There is no point in seeking treatment for elderly alcoholics because they can’t change that late in life. Besides, it may be their one remaining pleasure.


Fact: The rate of recovery for elderly alcoholics is as good as or better than that of younger people. Moreover, addiction to drugs or alcohol is a source of pain, not pleasure.

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